Why should you work with us?  See what others have said.


“My dealing with Trish Love as CFO for our business over the last few months has been enlightening. She has helped us understand our balance sheet, deal with potential current account issues and helped us set financial goals to meet our business goals. In a short time Trish has helped us turn stress into positive action and results.  With her continued help I feel confident for more positive results and the future of our business.”

– Rob Vorstermans, Director, Vorstermans Architects


“Working with Trish has given me an increased understanding of my habits and worries about money and finances.  This has led to me seeing how money can work for me instead of being scared of it or not having enough.”

– Karl Baker, Owner and Coach, Mindfulness Works


“Trish’s CFO help as I transition from my old business to my new business has been invaluable. I’ve enjoyed the robust pragmatism and wealth of experience Trish’s brings to our discussions.”

– Michael Major, CEO, 7 Degree – Brand Strategy Experts


“Trish is the most pro active accountant I have had the pleasure to deal with.  She is blessed with the ability to see past the secondary “stuff” in order to address the key issues. She is a firm believer in goal setting and changing ones beliefs to achieve a productive and ultimately more profitable future.  Ultimately isn’t that what we are all searching for as business owners.

– Craig Elliot, Managing Director, Full Stop Contract Services Ltd – Plasterers


“When dealing with a one off complex matter it was good to have Trish come in, listen to the Directors and then add her recommendations. Trish works with a variety of companies and this experience is very useful particularly when we, as the Directors, are only managing the one business.”

– Chris Scott, Director, Harbour City Travel Limited


“For SimplyFree, having Trish as our virtual CFO and Love to Grow as our accountants, means we can focus on doing what’s important in growing our business while Trish takes care of the finer details on a financial basis. Love to Grow’s proactive approach has helped  with complex tax issues around the style of our business we have, ensuring we are maximising what we are entitled to, while keeping within the guidelines of NZ Tax law.”

– Mark Farrell, Director, SimplyFree Limited -Telecommunication Solutions


“How do we ‘Love to Grow’, let me count the ways… Trish is wonderful at finding a ‘third way’. She is able to ‘keep us honest’ to ourselves, without appearing to nag. Knowing that Trish has faced the same issues that we do during our infancy, makes trusting her as our CFO simple. Her insight and advice have a quality of truth I’ve not found with any of my previous financial advisors.”

– Richard Bacon, Director, Organic Boxes Limited


“As a professional speaker who wanted  global recognition, I knew I needed the leverage of  a different operational platform.  Working with Trish Love for 6 months, has created the pathway for me  to secure Morgan James as my publishers , win the Nobel Peace prize for literature, and transform lives globally using joy as the competitive advantage .”

– Pat Armistead, Joyology and NZ Speaker of the Year 2002


“Trish’s knowledge and business acumen is invaluable. I can recommend Trish to anyone lucky enough to receive her guidance.”

– Mario Dometakis, Advanced Document Solutions Limited – Photocopier  Solutions


“I feel Kirsten has a good grasp of our basic business and how it is structured so her advice is relevant to that structure.”

– Richard Gardner, Single Point of Contact


“Professional savvy service.  Motivating and encouraging to business owners.”

– Heidi Ward-McGrath, Vetcare


“I love it that you are flexible and helpful, especially when I’m going through tough times”

– Haille Denniston, Crescent Blue


“Friendly, personal staff that are genuinely interested in what they do and offer great advice that benefits my companies growth”

– Simon Palmer, Proarb


“Always able to be contacted with practical helpful responses excellent service that provides solutions in a timely manner”

– Graeme Carroll, Global Reach Associates


“Patience with rookie first time landlords”

– Michele de la Cour, Mic.Bud Ltd


“Friendly, efficient and you keep me updated on progress and gently remind me to do things when I forget.”

– Raylee Marfell, sole trader


“Response times excellent always. Friendly approachable team. Personal approach, always felt LTG was interested in us.”

– Chris Townley, Golden Gate Services


“How you make everything easy, especially all tax stuff. Reminding me about tax due etc.”

 – Penny Mason, Wellington Risk Management Specialists


“I like the Trish’s holistic world view of money.  I rate Kirsten who always provides clear answers to questions.”

 – Alison Bartley, Bartley and Co Art


“Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable service that can be customised to my needs”

 – JoAnn Eggers, IT contractor


“Great communications- you keep me appropriately informed, are clear in explaining process and pay attention to my requirements.”

 – Paula Cody, sole trader


“Availability; tolerance of my inexperience; ability to explain”

 – Carol Cornelius, Capital Quality Consulting