About Love to Grow

Love to Grow® offers business development, financial and business education and chartered accountancy services to small / medium size businesses, to all industries nationwide.

From small beginnings as a one-person sole trader accountancy service in 1997, Trish Love, owner and founder and the team have grown the Love to Grow® brand and business across many business sectors, we thrive on being able to help companies increase both their personal and business potential.

We are known for our innovative and refreshing “non accountant” approach in offering flexible business services and solutions to help clients get to grips with growing their business.

Through our network of business experts, Love to Grow® offers specialist expertise across all business disciplines so you can access any business advice needed.

How we work

We believe it is critical to keep things easy and results focused, helping you understand why something is important and what difference it will make. It’s important that both you and we operate with integrity, honesty, transparency, creativity and responsibility.

We focus on building long term trust based relationships, so you know you can rely on us to help you achieve the results and life you want. No matter what happens, we know who can best help your situation.

Originality and Quality

We stay really practical, giving you regular insightful tips and hints and action steps needed so you create more profit with less stress. Our financial and operational advice recognises the need for effective, confident and robust results.

Client Service

The quality and delivery of our services is guaranteed within agreed time frames and estimated budgets. We agree any changes before work commences so you have more certainty around timing and payment amounts.

Working Environment

We aim to create a highly productive team with comprehension, originality and initiative.

When we are having fun, we work better for you. We provide our associates and employees a great working environment, respecting their individuality, personal interests and business requirements.
Professionalism, Ethics & Transparency – 
Our professional activities are driven by accountability and responsibility for our work, our clients and associates. “Professionalism” and “Ethics” are not just figments for us, but an integral molecular need to create healthy relationships for everyone’s benefit.

Transparency in all client and affiliate communication is essential, whilst maintaining strict client confidentiality. We can help you best when you trust us to know the real deal. We realise the importance of honouring your trust with compassion, support and non judgement.

Our growth

Love to Grow® expanded from accountancy and tax services to include business development services and education, from start-up, through business growth to exit strategies.

Compliance, tax and business development services compliment her entrepreneurial style whilst working alongside specialists from backgrounds such as Marketing, Systems and General Management disciplines to deliver merged services to the SME sector. 

Trish and the team are known for their innovative and refreshing “non accountant” approach in offering flexible business services and solutions to help clients get to grips with growing their business.

Love to Grow’s® own growth has been based on word-of-mouth recommendations and personal introductions through a well connected network of people that have experienced the value themselves.

Since 2013

Kirsten Rattray and Rupert Webb jointly manage the Accounting division allowing Trish to fully focus on her passion of guiding business owners towards their goals.

Today, Love to Grow® offers a wide range of accounting, advisory and educational services with packaged and fixed fee services (as well as hourly based if you prefer) through a team of business specialists, this makes it possible for SME businesses to access specialist expertise at a price that is affordable, for solid return on investment. We want you to make 5-10 times return on investment from any advice we provide you.