Business Owners

Hands up who wants more time for you, more time to work on your business, to grow your profits? Leave the housekeeping compliance to someone you trust.


Setting Goals and strategy

I want help with my strategy and goals to achieve, specific measurable results

Business diagnostic report

Find out where the operational, management and strategic gaps are in my business 

Business improvement scorecard report

Find out how much cash can be unlocked in my business

CFO meeting

Get some ( ‘as and when needed’ ) one on one assistance to help grow/manage my business, my cash flow & balance sheet, work out the next steps of my critical path and milestones. Compare my results against budget in my management meeting

Cash flow projections

Use ‘what if’ analysis to help with my decision making, set my annual budget and create an electronic upload to my monthly reporting systems

90 day planning

Discuss my specific next steps needed in the next 3 months and learn how this impacts my cash.

Financial Intelligence workbooks

How am I holding myself back financially? Learn the easiest ways to improve my gaps in money beliefs and actions 

Business growth workbooks

What are the next steps needed to manage your growth – use these self-learning ( or CFO assisted learning ) workbooks to grow your business safely 

Getting “sale ready” report

What is needed so my business is more sale ready –where are the gaps and how do I improve them?

Create your critical path

Have a working session with a CFO to map out the specific tasks and milestones to achieve my goals and strategy

Market appraisal

How much is my business worth? Or how much is the business I want to buy worth?


Year End Financial Statements

How much profit am I making? Am I managing my profits, balance sheet and cash flow appropriately?

Tax return preparation

Are my tax affairs accurate, robust, timely and IRD safe?

Tax Planning

Am I paying an appropriate amount of tax compared with the allowable tax rules?

Xero & MYOB training

Want to get the best out of my financial systems ? Save myself time and effort

Gst return or PAYE return assistance

Is my time better placed elsewhere in my business? Let us help you with your housekeeping compliance.

Filing your Companies Office Annual Return

Want to use my time making money ? Let us help you with filing your annual return 


Business Growth workbooks

I want to self-learn about business growth or choose a workbook to bring to a CFO meeting 

Financial Intelligence / Financial Literacy workbooks

I want to self-learn about financial intelligence, or choose a workbook to bring to a CFO meeting