Wahoo! Help us celebrate – Love to Grow won the 2016 Wellington Region Small Business of the Year Award!

Winning an award is always a great experience and it affirms the work put in to achieving our goals and passions.

For us, I know that diversity is one of our key strengths. Our  8 staff  have 5 different nationalities.  Add in a few contractors and our Advisory Board, we live on 3 continents, plus NZ as a pseudo 4th continent (cos why not think that way J), have an age range from eldest to youngest of 68 years and hail from 12 different cultural backgrounds. Between us, we play in  every part of the personality spectrum. All of this brings a wider variety of attitudes, experience, perspectives and opinions that we can match with our clients.

The one thing we all have in common, that keeps us focused and united, is wanting to do whatever it takes within our role to help our clients have a better life.   This is reflected in;

  • Nearly 30 years of consistent research and development to nut out the real causes underpinning financial behaviours which hold people back (and more importantly, why and how to improve these)
  • Over 13 years teaching business owners which areas of their business to focus on, for both their sustained growth and safety, via our Virtual CFO ( Chief Financial Officer ) services, online and in person
  • Creation of over 50 educational workbooks on 1) how to grow your business and 2) how to improve your beliefs and actions around money  – either for self-paced learning, or, for completion in conjunction with your CFO
  • 8 years delivering a national Business Leadership Programme; education and one on one practical advice/assistance to help people transform their business, collaborating with 4 other accounting firms, 13 other subject matter expert firms and 4 business coaching firms
  • Successfully launching our New York published book, Love to Grow, to help people intimately self – learn how to remove financial barriers, grow their business and succeed in W.E.A.L.T.H.
  • 19 years applying best practice chartered accountancy to ensure our clients are first kept safe, before we help them learn how to grow.
  • 19 years consistently focusing on teaching our entire Love to Grow team to grow into better leaders, relative to their respective roles

Helping You Celebrate as Well

There’s no point celebrating without making it fun for everyone, right?  So, I’m feeling generous – and decided to offer a FREE Love to Grow workbook to you and your local business network – check out our business tools section on our website for workbooks specialising in;

  • Steps for growing your business
  • Improving your W.E.A.L.T.H, money, beliefs and actions

If you email us with a topic you want to receive, we will send you one workbook absolutely FREE!  (Be quick – offer ends 15th December 2016)

I am so exceptionally proud of the team we have to help you. A massive thanks to them and also all of our clients for letting us hang out with you. I think you all rock.

Love to you, from Love to Grow.

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