Want To Know If You Are Being Ripped Off By Your Accountant? 5 Easy Questions… (cont.)


Question 1

Does your accountant ask to meet to about your goals and the results needed to live the life you want –  at least once a year, but  preferably more often?

Some accountants are excellent at providing advice and some are scared of doing so.  Sometimes this is because of a lack of perceived knowledge/value, or sometimes this can be because of a lack of self worth (they put themselves in the way of wanting to help you).

I believe there is little point having a business unless there is a close correlation with how you want to live your life.  Your accountant needs to well understand what type of wealth you wish to have in your life.

The word ‘wealth’ is an acronym:


Without making it girly, your accountant should be able to discuss with you the type of balance you want across these various aspects – especially the time and money factors related to each of the components. They should also provide discerning advice on the action steps needed for better business results to support, rather than hinder, your personal preferred balance across the acronym ‘wealth’.

What Should I Discuss With My Accountant?

What Could I Be Missing Out On?

Suggested Solution

I’m Not Having Regular Meetings with My Accountant?

Unless you are really happy with other aspects of your existing accountant’s service, look around for a different accountant. There is a strong chance you are selling yourself short, or you are being ripped off via what your accountant does not do. The ‘rip off’ will either be financially, or via a lack of advice, or both.

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