Reflecting on Excellence in Leadership

Love to Grow Awards

Love to Grow Awards

Winning an award is always a great experience and it generally affirms the work you have placed into achieving your goals and passions.

On Friday we won the Excellence in Leadership award at the Wellington Region Business Excellence Awards 2015 and while we try not to ‘shout out’ about our successes it did make me reflect on what being in business is truly about and what Love to Grow truly resonates.

Just about everything we do at Love to Grow is centred in trying to help our clients, ourselves and our collaborators learn more about business and money. This is reflected in;

  • Just under 30 years consistent research and development to nut out the real causes underpinning financial behaviours which hold people back (and more importantly, why and how to improve these)
  • Over 12 years teaching  business owners which areas of their business to focus on, for both their sustained growth and safety, via our Virtual CFO ( Chief Financial Officer ) services, online and in person
  • Creation of over 50 educational workbooks on 1) how to grow your business and 2) how to improve your beliefs and actions around money  – either for self-paced learning, or, for completion in conjunction with your CFO
  • 7 years delivering a national Business Leadership Programme; education and one on one practical advice/assistance to help people transform their business, collaborating with 4 other accounting firms, 10 other subject matter expert firms and 4 business coaching firms
  • Successfully launching our New York published book, Love to Grow, to help people intimately self – learn how to remove financial barriers, grow their business and succeed in W.E.A.L.T.H.
  • 18 years applying best practice chartered accountancy to ensure our clients are first kept safe, before we help them learn how to grow.
  • 18 years consistently focusing on teaching our entire Love to Grow team to grow into better leaders, relative to their respective roles

It has been a journey, but ALL of the above is centred in our fundamental desire to help people achieve their preferred version of W.E.A.L.T.H (an acronym I’ve created for Work, Enjoyment, Achievement, Love, Time and Health).   At Love to Grow we believe it is our role to help individuals have a life they want for the overall betterment of society.  In doing so we facilitate growth in individuals and business, reflecting a key principle in excellent and effective leadership.

To celebrate our success we are offering FREE tickets to tomorrow’s training on how to ‘Get your Business Growth, Cash Flow and Key Results Sorted’.  

Or if you can’t make tomorrow, click here instead to check out our business tools section of our website (for workbooks, books, one on one sessions) we have for:

1) Steps for growing your business

2) Improving your W.E.A.L.T.H, money beliefs & actions.

If you email us with a topic you want to receive, we will send you one workbook absolutely FREE as well.


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