CFO Meeting

L2G Workbook - CFO Meeting

What Should You Do to Create More Profit or Time?

What issues are you facing that you want to discuss with people with sound General   Management and high commercial acumen experience

What is the best way to increase profit and manage cash flow?

What ideas to do you have for increasing income, managing expenses?

How do you manage your Balance Sheet and reduce risk so you and your business are financially safe and strong?

What action steps are needed in your 90 Day plan?

What can you do to better manage your tax affairs?

Receive 2.5 hours combination of CFO meeting and preparation/follow up to discuss whatever is ‘on top’ to work out your next action steps

Receive a copy of all the ideas and notes taken during the meeting ( often 5-6 pages of   information & ideas). We aim for a 5-10 times return on investment over time.


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