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9 New (Financial) Year’s Resolutions

The new financial year is a great time to set New Year’s Resolutions for you and your business.

Resolutions aren’t just for making you accountable to join-and go to-a gym. They can be very useful in the realm of small business, helping you focus on goals and aspirations for the year ahead. Here’s nine goals to set for …

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Don’t Forget Stock Takes and Write-Offs


Don’t Forget Stock Takes and Write-Offs 

For the majority of taxpayers, 31st March represents the end of the tax year.   There’s things you can do before the end of the financial year to help minimise your next tax bill and tidy up the books ready for a new year.

Stock Take

IRD requires that stock on hand …

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Property Investment Rules Are Changing…

Property Investment

Do You Need a Contingency Plan For Property Investment?

The government is extending the bright line test for property so that residential properties will be taxed on any gains, if they’re sold within five years of purchase (instead of the current two years).  The extension will apply to residential investment properties purchased from the date on which the bill …

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7 Common Accounting Mistakes Business Owners Make

Beware Small Expenses

Thanks to the huge range of accounting applications available for today’s small and medium-sized businesses, it’s easier than ever to keep an accurate record of where your business’s money is going.

While accounting software has made bookkeeping and accounting easier for small businesses, it has also made errors and accounting mistakes much more common.  Some accounting mistakes …

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Business Competencies & Values – How These Can Affect the Numbers (continued…)

Why do sound business values help you achieve freedom in your business?

I mentioned in the previous article how Business Competencies and Business values have direct impact on the financial results you achieve.  Business competencies tie in to the acronym LUCK, which connects with the qualities needed most to be a successful CEO of your …

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Business Competencies & Values – How These Can Affect the Numbers

How do you keep your business sustainable? Of course there is more to it then LUCK – check out how this acronym can help create positive results in your business.

Business Competencies and Business values have direct impact on the financial results you achieve. These aspects are interrelated with both the Profit you earn and the long …

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Slow Payers? 10 Mindset Changes And Top Tips To Get Paid Quicker

As a part time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for small/ medium businesses, I meet people who struggle with dealing with slow paying debtors. The  extra time needed to chase up people who should have already paid, although both frustrating and inefficient, is a critical process for the overall success of a business, solopreneur or contractor.

Left alone, …

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How can SWOT and PESTE help you in your business?

Working through a SWOT & PESTE Analysis enables you to brainstorm with your team/advisors and focuses on the areas which are critically important to change or improve in your business.

Brainstorming these in the planning phases of new projects creates discussion and assists with setting strategic and operational goals. Want team buy in on your goals? Get your team to take …

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Business Leadership Programme (BLP) Update

Transform your business in six months.  The Love to Grow Business Leadership Programme  is a unique, practical and results-driven programme, perfect for business owners or managers who want to take their business to the next level.  More info


We’re celebrating the Graduation of the Auckland Business Leadership Programme Totara Class on 1st March 2016.  We’re very proud of the …

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Reflecting on Excellence in Leadership

Love to Grow Awards

Winning an award is always a great experience and it generally affirms the work you have placed into achieving your goals and passions.

On Friday we won the Excellence in Leadership award at the Wellington Region Business Excellence Awards 2015 and while we try not to ‘shout out’ about our successes it did make me reflect on what being in business …

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